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Manufacturer / Dealer: Staude

Model: Unomat


273-mainThe Unomat is a fully automatic and user friendly negative microfilm processor which handles 1 x 16 mm or 1 x 35 mm films.

The sequence of the baths is as follows: developer, intermediate rinse, fixer, final rinse.

Machine operation and film insertion are done in daylight – no need for darkroom operation.

A film inspection station is possible just ahead of the take-up device.

The chemistry temperature and the processor speed are adjustable. The Unomat requires a three-phase current, 400 V 16 A, as well as a cold water connection and drain. The water is heated in the processor.

The automatic replenishment system, which is adjustable, ensures consistency of the individual baths. The level of the replenishment supply containers is monitored and displayed.

The Unomat is a very user friendly, convenient automatic processor, which is environment friendly through efficient energy usage, coupled with the lowest water consumption possible, whilst still achieving processing to archival standards.

Technichal data unomat:
Film sizes: 1 x 16, or 1 x 35 mm roll film of 30.5 m – 66 m lengths (100-200 ft

Film transport speed: 1-3 m/min. (3-9 ft/min.)

Processing method: Conventional (negative)

Sequence of baths: Developer, intermediate rinse, fixer, final rinse

Replenishment: Developer and fixer

Chemistry temperature: adjustable: 32-42°C, auto control

Rinse: warm water rinse 32-42°C, auto control; flow rate 0,5-1 litres/min. (1 US quart/ min.)

Tank capacity: 3,5 litres each (3,5 US quarts)

Cold water connection: inflow ½”; discharge ¾”

Electrical requirement: 400 V / 16A / 3,8 kW (three phase current)

Dimensions(complete): 970 x 400 x 1040 mm (l x d x h)

Weight: (without liquids) 82 kg


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