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A full range of reader, reader / printer and duplicator lamps
Microfilm readers, reader/printers and duplicators have been around for over 70 years and unlike practically all other office equipment, readers etc. purchased 20 to 30 years ago, are still in active use. Therefore it is necessary for The Microfilm Shop to keep records of the lamps used in all types of equipment (no matter how old).

The Microfilm Shop stocks and supplies one of the largest ranges of micrographic lamps available: Our ‘collection’ of equipment and lamps used now covers the following spectrum of the microfilm industry.

– Over 800 readers and reader/printers from 60+ manufacturers/dealers.

– Over 150 duplicators from 35+ manufacturers/dealers.

Our database of lamps is held within a flexible computer system. This system can look for an item by interrogating any (or a combination) of the following subject fields:

– Equipment name or number (or part there of)

– Manufacturer (or dealer)

– Type of equipment (ie. fiche reader)

– Lamp reference number

– Wattage and/or voltage of lamp

Therefore, no matter how little information you have there is a good chance our computer system can find the correct details. To take advantage of this free service please telephone, fax or e-mail us.

Please note that The Microfilm Shop supplies this information in good faith. We cannot guarantee that all the information is correct. We will not accept responsibility for consequential loss or damage of any kind.

To help trace any particular lamp we have set out below diagrams showing most of the main types of lamp used in the micrographics industry. These are cross-referred to the table below. Whether or not you have an old lamp to refer to, the following information coupled with an interrogation of our database should enable most lamps to be identified accurately.


Three reference systems

There are three main series of reference numbers to identify lamps used in the micrographics industry.

a) The UK system where reference numbers usually begin with A1/ (eg. A1/216) or M (eg. M28).

b) ANSI numbers (American National Standard Institute) whose references are three digit alphabetical characters (eg. EJM, DDS).

c) The Philips reference numbers that are more commonly used in Europe rather than the UK or USA. These numbers are made up of either four or five numerical characters (eg. 5973, 13163).

As part of our database we can cross-refer between the three systems. Please phone, fax or use our contact form if we can help.




** Special Adaptor lead available for use with Copex equipment.

Note:- Diagrams are only intended as a guide. Those marked * give very general indications only.

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