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The Microfilm Shop | Equipment & Consumables

We supply a wide range of microfilm/ microfiche storage systems, including fiche envelopes, fiche panels, plastic trays, cabinets, fire safes and our own range of metal cabinets.

Fiche Filing

A jacket or microfiche (fiche) can hold up to 300 images of important documents. This is a huge amount of information for one A6 size sheet of plastic. It therefore makes sense to ensure that this information is stored in an efficient and secure manner.

The fiche/jacket can be stored in a number of ways:-

i) Self-adhesive pockets

These protective pockets can hold a handful of fiche/jackets. As they are self adhesive, they can be attached to plastic bin ders, folders, files etc to accompany the on-going paperwork. There are 3 types available:- rigid (MFCR/5640), flexible for fiche/jackets (MFCF) and flexible for aperture cards (MFCA).

ii) Fiche Episode Wallets

This plastic A4 size wallet (MFEP/5649) is used as a method of keeping both the fiche/jacket and paperwork together. These episode wallets are also available in a manilla/card finish in a variety of colours (MFEP/WL).

A large plastic episode wallet is also available to hold more paperwork (MFEP/MF). These wallets are 370mm x 250mm in size.
For the transportation or posting of up to approx. 50 fiche/jackets there is a special transit wallet (MFTW) which is constructed of manilla/card.

iii) Fiche Envelopes

These are paper envelopes approx. A6 in size into which you can insert from 1 – 10 approx. fiche/jackets. They are open at the top thus enabling the heading to be seen clearly. There are a variety of formats varying from the basic low acid paper fiche envelopes (MF1000), cine mode fiche envelopes (MF2000), 5″ x 3″ fiche envelopes (MF3000), basic fiche folds (MF4000 – to wrap around fiche/jacket masters), narrow-width fiche envelopes (MF6000), acid free (MF7000) to the tyvek fiche envelopes (MF8000).

Apart from the tyvek envelopes, all of the above can be pre-printed to your individual requirements. Please ask for a specific quotation.


iv) Fiche/Jacket Albums

Designed for service engineers and owners of small collections of fiche/jackets. There are 2 varieties: a fan-fold album (MEX50/5645) with paper pockets to hold up to 50 fiche (see picture) and a ring pocket album with 25 double-sided plastic pockets (MET50).

Depending on your requirements and quantities involved, we can have albums and binders designed to your individual needs. This includes either having your company logo displayed, a specific colour finish and/or a specific number of fiche/jackets stored.


v) Fiche Panels

Using fiche panels is the most effective way of storing fiche/jackets as they clearly show when a fiche/jacket is missing or has been misfiled. Each individual fiche/jacket heading strip is visible constantly therefore eliminating the needs to flick through a batch of fiche/jackets.

Fiche panels are normally A4 in size and hold up to 40 A6 size fiche/jackets. The Microfilm Shop has a wide range of economy, standard and high quality fiche panels ranging in capacity from 24 through 34 to 40 fiche/jackets. There are also a range of colours.

Fiche panels can be stored in a number of ways:-

a) Easel Ring Binders
These are available in the standard form (MGB70) to store up to 10 fiche panels (available in black, red, blue, green or brown) or easel form (MGB70E) with exactly the same capacity and colours available but with the ability for the binder to stand upright on a desk. These easel binders are ideal for display purposes or for frequent use.
b) Easel Pivot Binders
These are very similar to easel ring binders but instead of the panels fitting onto rings, they are clipped into location pegs that are fixed to the top and bottom of the binder spine. This system is ideal for panels which are being moved backwards and forwards frequently. These pivot binders are available in 5 (M5616), 10 (M5617) and 15 (M5615) panel capacity versions in either red, brown or black.


c) Table Stands, Wall Brackets and Carousels
Table stands have solid cast bases to ensure complete stability of the unit even when loaded to capacity. They can hold either 15 (M5673) or 30 (M5671) fiche panels.

Wall brackets are identical to the back piece of the table stands. There are holes in this back piece which enable it to be screwed to a wall for permanent fixing and ease of access. Available in 15 (M5672) and 30 (M5670) fiche panel capacities.


We also sell the ‘Flippa Dolphin’ system which easily converts between a wall bracket and table stand system. This is a modular system allowing you to increase your storage capacity in units of 10 fiche panels. Available in a pack (MFS/40) which includes a wall bracket and 10 fiche panels. You can also purchase a table stand conversion kit (MB190) if you prefer your fiche panels stored on your desk.

Carousel units enable your panels to be stored on a circular rotating stand which sits on your desk. This allows quick access to large numbers of fiche/jackets. Available in 1 tier (50 panel capacity – M5650) or 2 tier (100 panel capacity – M5652.)

Also available are panels specifically designed for jumbo fiche and panels that store fiche vertically.


vi) Airtight Archival Storage Boxes (AAS/fiche)

Specifically designed for the airtight archival storage of A6 and 6″ x 4″ fiche/jackets, these boxes are made out of matt finished black plastic with a permanently attached hinged lid that, when pushed down firmly, gives an airtight seal therefore promoting optimum archival storage conditions i.e. excludes air, water, fumes etc. Holds approx. 150 fiche or 75 jackets. Also available for 16mm roll film. Click here for more details.


vii) Trays
Plastic fiche trays are used for slightly larger fiche/jacket collections or for storage systems where it is necessary to move large quantities of fiche/jackets from one department to another. We have several fiche/jacket trays ranging in capacity from 300 – 2250 fiche/jackets. Some trays are available with locking lids for extra security.

viii) SGA1350 Drawer Units
These units are small plastic drawers that can be fitted together vertically and/ or horizontally to enable you to increase your storage capacity as your number of fiche/jackets increases. Each individual unit (SGA1350S) has a capacity of approx. 2500 fiche or 1500 jackets. With dimensions of 216mm(W) x 190mm(H) x 410mm(D), they are a very convenient, compact unit. The diagram shows how the units can be fitted together to create a multiple bank of drawers either to be stored on your desk (as shown) or on the floor using a base unit (SGA1350BU).
iv) Miscellaneous fiche storage and accessories

a) Fiche Reader Filing Bases
Made of very rigid plastic, these units are designed to fit under any basic fiche reader. They contain several fiche panels which can easily be removed from the unit for easy insertion into the microfiche reader. Available as a standard unit (MFS1), a standard unit with lock (MFS2) or a storage unit with lock and turntable (MFS3). Each unit holds 160 A6 fiche.
b) Guide Cards
Constructed of a flexible, white, plastic material these cards have index tabs to enable you to sub-index your fiche/jacket collections. Available in packs of 100. They are designed for fiche (MGCF) or aperture card (MGCA) systems.
c) Out Signals
These are circular pieces of plastic in various colours that are inserted into your fiche collection to identify the location of any fiche/jackets that have been removed for use. When returning the fiche/jacket to your collection, the out signal is clearly visible above the stored fiche/jackets.
d) Action Fiche Filing Systems
Plastic folders that contain all the records on any particular subject. It holds the newest records in paper format, all the previous records having been microfilmed on a regular basis using a microfilm jacket system. Please ask for a leaflet describing this system in more detail.



The Microfilm Shop has an extensive range of metal cabinets designed for the storage of large volumes of various microfilm media.
i) BMH Range of Cabinets
This range of cabinets can store either 3 rows of 16/35mm film or 2 rows of fiche/ jackets per drawers. Available in 2, 4, 5, 7 or 10 drawer formats.




Capacities are based on the following number of media per filing 25mm (1*). Jackets with film in – 115, 5 MIL fiche – 225, 7 MIL fiche – 150 and Aperture Cards with film in -130.

ii) TMS Range of Cabinets
This is a wider range of cabinets for a higher volume of storage. Each drawer can store either 4 rows of 16/35mm film, 3 rows of fiche/jackets or 2 rows of aperture cards. Also available in 2, 4, 5, 7 or 10 drawer formats.




Capacities are based on the following number of media per filing 25mm (1*). Jackets with film in – 115, 5 MIL fiche – 225, 7 MIL fiche – 150 and Aperture Cards with film in -130.
Both the BMH & TMS range are available in Two Tone Grey or Sand and Stone as standard colours. Other colours such as Coffee & Cream, Beige, Standard Grey or any colour of your choice are available on special order but maybe subject to a surcharge. Please ask our sales team for a comprehensive quotation.

Note: The colours shown right are meant as a guide only and are not considered to be a detailed representation of the exact colours available.


Fire Safes

Developed and manufactured in Scandinavia, the RCC Microfilm Fire Safes have been tested to the latest criteria at the Braunschweig Institute in Germany (VDMA), which provides the most stringent tests in the world, involving exposure to extreme heat and humidity and dropping from considerable heights. As the safes were approved by a wide margin, it means that they easily satisfy European standards. Copies of the test results are available on request.

Thanks to a revolutionary new combination of materials, the safe walls have been made thinner. This means that, compared to most safes on the market, the RCC 3 and RCC 4 have a larger inner capacity and a reduced floor loading weight. The safes are fitted with a unique resettable keylock, which provides a further safeguard against lost or stolen keys (an instruction booklet is provided with each safe).

The RCC safes are designed for pallet handling, to fit through any standard office door and to be carried in any standard passenger lift. However, if you do not have good access or there is no lift available, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange for a “Delivery Survey” of your premises. Price includes delivery on U.K. mainland assuming no unusual circumstances. For non U.K. deliveries a specific delivery quotation will be provided.





Each RCC Flexishelf measures 397mm(deep) x 454mm (wide) and comes equipped with enough dividers and tilt supports to suit the media specified.





*NOTE: When using either size of jacket/Fiche with fiche envelopes, flexishelf format B is required. This format gives a total of 908mm (36″) of filing space per shelf.

Capacities bare based on the following number of media per filing 25mm (1″). Jackets with film in – 115, 5 MIL fiche – 150 and Aperture cards with film in – 130.

Please ask our Sales staff for a full colour leaflet on the range of Fire Safes available.

A full technical manual containing quality certificate, keylock resetting instructions and set-up of flexishelf instructions etc. will be provided with every safe ordered.


Modular Roll Film Storage Units

This system involves small plastic units that slip together like building bricks into almost any shape (each unit is called a mego – MMEGOU16). They interlock together either side by side, top to bottom or side to back to make corners. Each 16mm mego unit holds four films or cartridges and each 35mm unit holds two films.

Each mego unit is 120mm (43/4″) high by 110mm (45/16″) wide and 90mm (35/8″) deep. The standard colour in stock is beige but white, brown and blue are available by special order.
The mego units can be used in many ways:-

a) On a library shelf between books.
b) Wall mounted by using the screw holes moulded into them.
c) As a tray to carry films from place to place.
d) As inserts inside a desk drawer or filing cabinet to keep films tidy.
e) As a modular stacking unit on a desk or work surface. This is the most popular use for this type of unit. They can be fixed together in squares of either four mego units, eight, twelve or sixteen mego units. In this format a rotating base unit is available (MMEGO4, 8, 12, 16) so the films move round to the user. Mego units may be stacked as high as required.


Carousel Filing Systems

A compact, open storage system for 16mm microfilm in plastic boxes, C-clips and type M-cartridges. 35mm film storage is also available by special order These units rotate to enable films to be easily removed for viewing. These units are modular therefore allowing you to add to the system in units of 60 films.

Modular Organisation Units
The Modular Organisation Units (MO) can be combined into a system to store all types or formats of micrographic material. The MO system can be tailor made to suit the smallest or the largest storage requirements. It is no longer necessary to speculate on future storage needs, as with this system it is possible to add, subtract, divide or multiply at any time, in order to cope with department expansion, contraction, division or amalgamation.

Ultimate Flexibility
The units can be free standing, on castors, in large banks; on or under desks and can fit wherever space is available. The system may be expanded vertically, horizontally or both by using small strong plastic clips fitting in to rebates built into the side and rear of each unit.

  • MO units are constructed from a high quality, anti-static polystyrene, thus giving great strength, low weight, elegant appearance plus easy cleaning.
  • Drawers extend more than 100% for easy access, but have stops to prevent them from falling out.
  • Large label holder at front of drawer allows easy indexing.
  • Units are available with or without a lock.
  • Anti-tip device prevents adjacent drawers being opened at the same time.
  • Regardless of what format of microfilm is to be stored, the basic MO unit is always the same. A choice of internal fittings are available to tailor each unit to the required specification.




These units are ideal for use as floor mounted units. Either under a desk, by the side of a desk or as a bank of units against a wall. To make the bottom unit more accessible, and to ease cleaning, two types of bottom plinth unit are available.
a) Static unit (Code S-MOF) This unit is fitted to the bottom unit using the unique clip system mentioned earlier. This raises the base unit approx. 80mm (3″) above floor level.
b) Castor unit (Code S-MOG) With the castors fitted, up to 4 units can be turned into a moveable workstation. This is ideal where media needs to be moved from area to area or where space is limited. This raises the base unit approx. 125mm (5″) above floor level.The MO Range of units are also available with special sculptured floor jigs to take many types of magnetic and optical media.



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