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Powerful, easy to use production scanning capture software – includes unlimited OCR and PDF compression. Works on all TWAIN scanners. Ideal for busy bureaus and low volume scanner users alike.

PDF Capture & Index Software product – IRISPowerscan™.

  • OCR software to read PDFs
  • PDF compression software
  • PDF conversion software
  • Scanning editing software to PDF format
  • PDF index software
  • Scan and edit to pdf
  • Software to open pdf files

Ideal to be bought alongside any Document Scanner that you purchase from The Microfilm Shop, allowing you to validate, scan, sort, index, image manipulate, quality control, OCR and compress your scanned images.

  • Reading pdf files
  • PDF writing software
  • PDF software
  • Create PDFs
  • PDF workflow software

This software product has been developed from many years of experience of designing capture software for the high production and quality environment of a busy production Scanning Bureau. It is designed for a high volume bureau application but has been priced to be matched to the scanning speed of your scanner. You can buy the software from The Microfilm Shop in different sized and priced packages starting from a 25ppm package, going through a 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160 and on to an unlimited page per minute package.

  • Book software
  • PDF printer software
  • PDF writer software
  • PDF search software

In addition to many other Capture Software products IRISPowerscan™ features:

  • Easy project/template import from Kodak capture Software 6.x application
  • No scanning volume limitation
  • Create unlimited numbers of searchable hyper compressed PDF’s
  • Display more than 8 scanned images at a time for easy and fast verification
  • Use this software to process pre scanned images – just import them into IRISPowerscan™ Unlimited Full text OCR
  • Use on any TWAIN scanner – not restricted to one manufacturer
  • OCR Unlimited full text

Download IRISPowerscan™ Overview Brochure

Download IRISPowerscan™ Datasheet

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