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The Microfilm Shop continues to make its’ own version of this cartridge film despite the originals discontinuation in 2007
go1logo_largeM G0-1 & G0-2 type film available through The Microfilm Shop G-01 type cartridge film is still available from The Microfilm Shop despite its discontinuation earlier this year by Imation, late of 3M. Used in 3400, 3401, EF5000 and 6600 camera systems, the removal of G0-1 film from price lists caused concern for the longevity of equipment which otherwise is still operating perfectly.
We invested heavily in the design and tooling for our own plastic cases and spools to ensure that we will be able to supply these cartridges for as long as there is a requirement from our customers. The film is loaded in darkroom conditions by our staff in Nuneaton and we have been offering our own versions of this cartridge for over 10 years having earned a proven track record of success.
“We have seen a strong increase in the sales of this product since the original G0-1 was discontinued earlier this year” said Chris Elwell, General Manager of The Microfilm Shop. “Sales in export markets has been particularly lively which reflects the amount of working units of this range of cameras still in use around the world”.
The cartridges are available with either 100′ film (G0-1) or 200′ thin base film (G0-2) loaded.

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