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We stock a full range of toners and papers for most manufacturers equipment ranges, from the oldest to the newest – both manufacturers original and our own brand (incl lamps, parts, service).

What is a reader printer?

A reader printer is a piece of equipment that magnifies your microfilm and enlarges the image on to a plastic screen. Normally the image seen on the screen is the original size of the document before it was microfilmed.

A reader printer enables you to produce a paper copy of the image on the screen. There are 4 main types of reader printers and each kind uses a totally different range of supplies.

i) Plain Paper Reader Printers
Most recent reader printers now use plain paper and the main supply item is the toner powder either in specialised cartridges or refill bottles.
ii) Liquid Toner Reader Printers
A large percentage of modern 35mm reader printers as well as lots of (now obsolete) 16mm reader printers use zinc oxide paper together with liquid toners.
iii) Dry Silver Reader Printers
Many 16mm reader printers use a dry silver paper that only needs heat to produce an image. No toner of any type is required.
iv) Digital Reader Printers
Instead of using the photocopier technology of plain paper reader printers in (i) above, these reader printers scan the microfilmed image on the screen and then print out on to a laser printer. These represent the very latest in reader printer technology with print quality being generally superior to conventional plain paper reader printers. The other advantage of digital reader printers is that instead of sending the scanned image to your laser printer, it can be sent to your PC enabling the image to be incorporated into the very latest computerised document management systems, whilst retaining your important records on obsolescent-proof and eye-readable microfilm.

The Microfilm Shop stocks or can obtain all the necessary special toners and papers for your reader printer.

The Microfilm Shop Toner

As well as the branded toners from companies such as 3M, Agfa, Bell & Howell, Canon, Imtec, Kodak, Minolta and Regma that we stock, we also have our own range of Microfilm Shop branded toners suitable for use with Minolta and Canon reader printers.


A large proportion of reader printers in use today are in fact re-badged Minolta machines. The chart below shows which Minolta type toner is required for the reader printers listed.




Canon, along with Minolta, is one of the 2 major microfilm reader printer manufacturers in the world. Canon tend to sell their reader printers under their own brand name either direct to their customer or through a designated dealer such as The Microfilm Shop.

We can provide both Canon branded and our own label toner cartridges at very attractive prices.


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