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The Microfilm Shop | Equipment & Consumables

We supply an extensive range of silver and diazo duplicators, both roll and fiche. As well as our very own REAL range, we also distribute the Extek high volume duplicators
Hybrid systems combine the advantages of both microfilm and electronic media. All documents are first microfilmed in order to provide an economical, long-term archival back-up from technological obsolescence so that if technology does change, the microfilm can simply be re-scanned into the latest media system thus allowing the user to read any of the microfilmed images as required . This way, the images can be incorporated into your computer system for ease of use, retrieval and distribution whilst the microfilm copy is returned to the archive storage for long-term protection. To promote the use of hybrid systems and therefore the essential use of microfilm as a back-up for any electronic system The Microfilm Shop is able to provide electronic supplies and equipment.

Writable CD’s

The Microfilm Shop offer writable CD’s at the following prices, alternatively you can contact our sales department for a quotation.





CD Labeller Kits

The Microfilm Shop are able to offer the complete range of Neato CD labeller kits and labels. Each kit includes:-

– The amazing NEATO CD Label Applicator

– Set of Assorted NEATO Labels and Jewel Case Inserts

– CD FACE™ * Design Software (Mac/PC)
* Digital Background Art for Labels and Inserts
* Disc and Jewel Case Templates for Popular Graphics Programmes (Mac/PC)




CD Labels are available in a broad range of colours in convenient and economical quantities. Colours available:-


Note: The colours shown above are meant as a guide only and are not considered to be a detailed representation of the exact colours available.




1) A pack of Jewel case inserts, such as the 30 set pack, includes 30 book covers and 30 tray liners with spines.

2) Standard CD labels are available in white, gold, silver, coral, teal, yellow, violet, dusty rose, greyish blue, soft green and reddish tan.

3) Premium CD labels are recommended for customers who require very high resolution prints, for example, printing photos onto your labels. These labels are only available in white.

4) Clear CD labels are only designed for laser printers. If you require them for inkjet printers, please call us for details of a new product development.

5) The minimum order quantities for each pack of labels varies. For details of these and lower minimum order quantities for contract orders, please call us.

CD Jewel Cases

These plastic cases which contain grey trays (no inserts or labels included) are available in single or dual case formats. Various coloured trays are available on request.





3.5″ Floppy Disk Boxes

These plastic boxes with lid can hold 10 x 3.5″ floppy disks and are available in a variety of colours: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, black, beige and white. Labels are also available. They cost £0.33 each.

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