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Specialist cleaning products for document management equipment


Static electricity, a natural phenomenon is the primary cause of many problems affecting industry, business and personal life, from a simple shock walking across a carpet or costly destruction of sensitive electronic components.

Staticide offers a cost effective and widely accepted anti-static solution for static related problems – manufacturing and marketing static control and computer cleaning products that can be used to ensure static control and safety in today’s environment. AVL Staticide is ISO 9002 certified meeting the stringent requirements in quality standards and are committed to excellence and product innovation in the market they serve.


sta-ms8062MS8062 CD Scratch Repair Kit

* For regular use on new and old discs
* Cleans polishes and repairs scratches in one step
* Safe effective cleaners combined with specially developed polymers
* Forms an optically clear protection that resists scratches

Pack – 1 oz bottle solution/2 lint free clothes


sta_ms8058MS8058 CD Lens Cleaning Kit

* Compatible with all CD-Rom Drives and CD Audio Players
* Optimises CD performance by removing contaminants
* Maximises information retrieval, disc speed and picture quality
* Safe and easy to use

Pack – 1 Kit


st_ms8007MS8007 Economy Disc Drive Head Cleaning Kit for 3.5″ Disc Drives

* 3.5″ Cartridges are compatible with all computer systems
* Removes all contaminants from the “read/write” heads of your disc drive
* Regular cleaning avoids costly storage/retrieval errors
* Each kit contains 1 re-usable cartridge and 20 packs of cleaning solution

Pack – 1 kit


sta_ms8012MS8012 Computer mouse Cleaning Kit

* Safe and easy computer mouse cleaning
* Removes dust and dirt avoiding mechanical failure
* Kit contains 2oz bottle solution/20 lint free swabs/1 scraper

Pack – 1 kit


st_s8042MS8042 Computer Monitor cleaning Kit

* For cleaning CRT screens and anti-glare/polarised screens
* Safe to use on glass, anti-glare filters, plastics and ceramics
* Also polarised contrast enhancement filters
* Removes dirt, dust and oils to restore clarity of image
* Kit contains 2 X 4oz bottles solution/fingertip pump sprayer/50 lint free wipes

Pack – 1 Kit


statiMS8072 Anti static foam Cleaner

* For general external cleaning of computer hardware, fax and copy machines
* Specially formulated foam reduces possible moisture damage
* Anti-static properties help repel dirt and dust

Pack – 1 X 8oz container


stac_2MS1010 Staticide Anti Static Cleaner

* Trigger spray container of Staticide Anti-Static cleaner
* General purpose use on carpets, furniture and hardware casing
* Cleans and repels dirt and dust

Pack – 1 X 20oz container


stac_3MS8040 Anti Glare Screen Cleaner

* Ideal for use on anti-glare/polarised screens, and filters
* Also video display/micro computer screens, laptops and TV screens
* Effective on ceramic, porcelain, plastic and metal surfaces

Pack – 1 X 4oz bottle


stac_4MS8044 Lint Free Wipes

* Strong absorbent cloths for use on any surface
* Size 6″X6″ – ideal for computer screens and filters

Pack – 75 wipes

stac_5MSW12 Staticide Wipes

* Ideal for computer screens and keyboards, and other office machines
* One step cleaning and static control
* Long lasting, non toxic, biodegradable
* Helps prevent system interuption and static shocks

Pack – 24 foil wrapped wipes


MTW12 Staticide Telephone Wipes
(not illustrated)

* Ideal for cleaning all parts of the telephone surface Anti-septic wipe cleans and sanitises leaving a fresh clean scent
* Bacteriostatic properties sanitise the surface
* For regular use in the office, home or travel (public phones)

Pack – 24 foil wrapped wipes


stac_6MS8037 100% Ozone Safe Dust Remover

* Staticide dust remover eliminates dust particles from difficult areas
* Ideal for where dust collects and is difficult to remove using conventional cleaning methods
* Use on keyboards, electronic devices, camera lenses, film negatives, slides and laboratory instruments

Pack – 10oz container


stac_ms8015MS8015/1 Fax Machine Cleaning Sheet

* Easy to use pre-saturated, lint free sheets
* Quick and convenient use on almost all fax machines
* Removes contaminats from paper path, rollers and scanner
* ensures legible smoothly transmitted messages

8015/1 – 1 sheet
8015/4 – 4 sheets


stac_ms8023MS8023 Laser Printer Cleaning paper

* Removes paper dust, dirt and toner deposits
* Use ideally after extensive copy output and – toner replacement
* Ensures cleaning of inaccessible areas of all laser – printers

Pack – 12 sheets

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