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Manufacturer / Dealer: Staude

Model: Varioflott

273-mainA fully automatic negative processor which handles 3 x 16mm or 3 x 35mm microfilms (optional 1 x 105mm). Machine operation and film insertion can be done in daylight (no need for a dark room environment). All films can be inserted separately i.e. no need to insert all films simultaneously. Processing sequence – developer, intermediate rinse, fixer and final rinse. Film transport speed – 1 to 3 metres/minute (3 to 9 feet/min). The chemistry temperature is from 32 – 42 C with an auto control. Electrical requirements – 400V/ 16A/ 3.8 kW, 3 phase current

Optional “Operator Set” helps you to attach the leader to the film using a special splicing jig, 3 leaders and a roll of adhesive tape.


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