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Manufacturer / Dealer: Microbox

Model: Microbox Cadmic

388-mainLaunched in 2009 the SMA 16 is the latest member of the SMA Film Writer family along with the SMA 51 16/35mm
Microfilm Writer
and the SMA Digifiche MicroFiche writer.

The SMA 16 has been designed to be a price competitive 16mm microfilm only unit. Based completely on the SMA 51, the SMA 16 has been engineered for those 16mm-only clients that want a lower priced unit than the SMA 51

    • One of the lowest priced Film Writers in the market
    • Only 16mm-only Film Writer with Greyscale capability
    • Has an optional 300m cartridge for quickly converting images to bulk rolls of microfilm
    • Can print 1, 2 or 3 level blip onto the film and image numbering
    • Writes to conventional 16mm camera microfilm, the same film that is used in conventional microfilm cameras. This avoids the need for expensive bespoke film and allows the user to choose between different manufacturers of conventional silver microfilm. Both thin (2.5mil) and thick (5mil) film can be used depending on the application and to maximise storage density by using long length thin film.
    • Can be upgraded to 35mm capability
    • The SMA 16 can accept TIFF, JPEG, PDF, DOC and XLS etc digital documents in bitonal, greyscale or colour.
    • Original document size can range from postcard (A6) all the way through to A3.
    • Speed of the SMA 16 is up to 7200 images per hour.
    • Price and system includes operating software which manages the downloaded files. Standard interfaces are used which allow the unit to write the images unattended once transfer has been completed.


  • Due to the initial interest in this unit, we are currently arranging for interested parties to forward digital images to us and then we are handing back film images for evaluation.

If you are interested in this service please call us on 024 7638 3998 or e-mail us with your requirements.



SMA 51 (and SMA16 with 35mm upgrade)
bitonal output
grey scale output
colour output
negative output
positive output
16 mm output
35 mm output
utilizes standard camera microfilm
can handle all common file formats

Kodak Archive Writer
ONLY bitonal output
NO grey scale output
NO colour output
ONLY 16 mm output
NO 35 mm output
NO standard camera microfilm – just special high priced film
ONLY TIFF file conversion, NO PDF, JPEG etc


Depending on the configuration the SMA 51 and SMA 16 are a few thousand pounds more to buy than the Kodak Archivewriter. However at an average difference of £6.00 per roll for the film used it can take as little as 500 rolls usage of film for the capital cost difference to be rectified. From that point on the SMA’s continue to deliver cost savings, let alone offering the many technical advantages detailed above. We would be happy to go through the figures with you.


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