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Manufacturer / Dealer: SMA

Model: SMA 105

254-mainArchive Writer for Microfiche – COM System

Save your essential data which are subject to long-term archiving requirements with minimum effort and very cost effective on the proven media microfilm.

The SMA 105 produces an analog backup of your digital business documents. There is no more need for migration of your electronic archive as microfilm is totally soft- and hardware independent.

Microfilm, produced properly and kept under right conditions, has a life expectancy of 500 years. In addition it is fake proof against viruses or worms and cannot be manipulated by hackers.

The SMA 105 can handle all kinds of image files such as TIFF, JPEG, PDF, DOC, XLS, etc. in bitonal, grey scale or color. The converting process is quick, reliable and provides excellent image quality. The original document size can vary from as small as a postcard up to large business documents, charts, book pages etc. After the files are transfered to the system it will work unattended.

Film processing is done via an on-board processor right after exposure. Plumbing is not required. The whole process takes not more than two minutes.

The system includes operating software which manages the downloaded files. Communication with the PC takes place via standard interface. For converting image files back to roll film please ask for the SMA 51.

Comments: Preserve your digital images onto sheet microfiche. Ideal for grouping files of images together.

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