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Manufacturer / Dealer: SOLAR

Model: RFIL

199-mainThis simple to operate, motorised inspection loader offers excellent slow scanning and variable speed control. A manual model is also available which is geared for minimum effort.

Options include an ANSI and 3M cartridge attachment, versatile foot/hand control, programmable counter and quick thread take up spool.

The manual winding arms are also available separately for mounting on your own board or desktop.

Manual winding arms can only be used with manual model. Very economical winder/inspection unit.

ROLL SIZES: 16 & 35mm roll film, C-Clips & 3M Cartridges (with optional attachments)

DIMENSIONS: 800mm (31.5″)W x 200mm (8″)D

WEIGHT: 5kg (11lb)


Optional: Ansi clip & 3M Cartridge attachments, Versatile foot/hand control
programmable counter, Quick thread take up spool.

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