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Manufacturer / Dealer: The Microfilm Shop

Model: UCR

203-mainThe Ultrasonic Cleaner consists of a steel tank construction in which a plastic tub is inserted. This plastic tub has one or two chambers.

Both steel tank and plastic tub are filled with specific mixtures of water and chemicals for the ultrasonic cleaning of developer racks.

The ultrasonic cleaning of developer racks is by far more efficient, time-saving and more economical than the manual cleaning method.

STEEL TANK: Model V3, Reference Number 7953-100

Model KW 50-2: Ref-No. 7953-112. One small chamber with inner dimensions 458 X 170 X 175mm, and one large chamber with inner dimensions 458 X 300 X 175mm.

Model KW 50-2M: Ref-No. 7953-110. Two equal sized chambers each with inner dimensions 458 X 236 X 175mm.

Manufacturers rack sizes table – Download pdf


Manual Cleaning

– Unpleasent handling in aggresive liquid

– Manual brushing can damage the grooves of the racks rubber rolls. This in turn eases silver deposit on them.

– Inner rolls and other parts of rack which are difficult to reach manually cannot be cleaned satisfactorily. There is always a silver deposit on inner rolls.

– The metal construction of rack is often scratched. This again leads to calcareous deposits.

– Intensive cleaning only possible with chemical compounds.

– Very time-consuming cleaning.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

– No manual handling

– Ultrasonic cleaning is more effective with none of the disadvantages of manual cleaning. Rubber rolls last longer.

– Cleaning fluid reaches all inner parts and same cleaning quality is achieved everywhere.

– Ultrasonic cleaning also removes algal deposits perfectly. The surface of the metal construction remains undamaged.

– Low consumption of cleaning liquid, TICKOPUR R30 on neutral base for daily usage.

– Time-saving of appoximately 50%.


Comment: Unique solution to rack cleaning problems.

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