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Manufacturer / Dealer: Staude

Model: Multi-Fly

245-mainIdeal for applications where you want to turn a scan-on-demand film scanner into a semi-production scanner. Leave the fiche/jacket to be scanned automatically, no matter if the images are of different sizes e.g. combination jackets.

This is the perfect middle ground between an On-Demand scanner and a Wicks and Wilson production scanner.

This unit works on the following –

Canon MS400/500 – view details

Canon MS800 – view details

Kodak 2400DSV – view details

Kodak 3000 DSV – view details

To learn more about the Multifly you can either click on the link to the manufacturer’s web site, watch the Multifly video (Window Media Player) or download the brochure by pressing the link below.

Comment: The Multifly is a unique carrier that turns your Canon/Kodak or Minolta film scanner into an automatic fiche/jacket scanner – ideal for combination/mixed fiche/jackets.

Download the Brochure
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