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Manufacturer / Dealer: Wicks and Wilson

Model: C-Series


321-mainCompact aperture card scanners from Wicks and Wilson. Create digital images from microfilm aperture cards that can be instantly accessed, searched, viewed, printed or emailed. Simple operation makes the C-Series an ideal digital alternative to reader-printers.

Key Features and Technical Specifications:

The C-Series includes two models; the desktop C-Drive-X for on-demand scanning of single aperture cards and the C-400, with Hollerith read and auto-feed hopper, for unattended batch scanning.
Affordable and convenient solution to convert your microfilm aperture cards to digital images.
Latest digital imaging technology – create high quality images at full resolution; go straight from microfilm to digital image file.
Hollerith (punch) data is automatically read and used to select drawing sizes and file names if required (C-400 only).
Dual-save allows both bitonal and greyscale images to be saved from a single scan of the card.
Auto white-balance (AWB) produces the best possible greyscale and bitonal images from each card.
Fully compatible with Windows® 7 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
Hi-speed USB plug and play connectivity; simple and effective interface, reduces set-up time.
Virtual rescan – automatically reprocesses the scanned image with alternative imaging parameters; no need to physically rescan the aperture card.
Designed for microfilm – optics, scan engine and Smartcode image processing algorithms all developed by Wicks and Wilson engineers specifically for microfilm scanning.
Flexible scanning solution – both models are capable of scanning any ISO aperture card, with no extras or modifications to

Comment: Excellent Aperture Card scanning range positions Wicks and Wilson in the Low and Medium volume market using proven Production Scanner technology. New technology results in lowest priced sole Aperture Card Scanner units.

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