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‘Rock & Roll’ and ‘Public Library’ shouldn’t mix, one phrase is brash, loud the other sedate and quiet.

Yet these two cultures are about to collide. For the first time since the 1850 Library Act that much loved British institution the public library is about gain a loud, revolutionary 21st Century companion.

The Rock & Roll Public Library is Mick Jones’s (The Clash, B.A.D, Carbon Silicon) direct artistic challenge to the likes of the corporate 02 British Music Experience. Rather than let his creative legacy atrophy Jones is reworking (with curator Robert Gordon McHarg III) his own archive collection as a unique ‘guerrilla-installation.’ Set under the Westway motorway in 3000 sq.ft of former office space, Jones’s four-week artistic and civic endeavour will also encourage visitors to enrol, freely interact with the exhibition (Jones began collecting well before he formed The Clash in 1976 to eventual international success, as such it forms an invaluable guide to the influences that informed Jones as a pop-artist).

Also uniquely by request users will be able to scan (courtesy Genus, U.K distributor of the Book2net Kiosk) certain objects and via memory stick carry them away. Numerous young-bands will also be recording at the Library (courtesy of Strummerville). Note visitors to the world’s first, resolutely alternative, Rock n Roll Public Library shouldn’t expect peace and quiet.


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