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Why Microfilm?

A 2008 brochure put together by the State Archives of Illinois, Wisconsin, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, Nebraska, Alaska, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Kentucky explaining why they still think that microfilm is the answer for long term information preservation. Download PDF

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The Digital Black Hole

A report from Jonas Palm, Head of the Preservation Department, National Archives of Sweden, on the cost exercise they ran to compare the long term costs of digital media against paper and microfilm storage. Strangely microfilm came out cheaper and…

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Consumers warned on DVD recorders

People thinking of buying a DVD recorder this Christmas are being urged to take care over which one they choose. High Street sales of DVDs are booming Experts are warning that what may seem like a dream Christmas gift may…

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Digital records ‘obscure the past’

The pace of technology is such that what was deemed cutting edge 15 years ago is generally considered obsolete today.  Works like the Gutenberg Bible can still be read Digital technology could result in the loss of priceless historical records,…

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Digital Domesday book unlocked

A rich digital archive of British life in the 1980s has been brought back to life by researchers from the UK and the US. BBC Micro was a popular computer in the 1980s They have developed a way to access…

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Digital Microfilm

by Paul Negus, Managing Director, The Microfilm Shop Until a few years ago there had been a raging debate about the future of microfilm - Was it dead? How many months will it take until it dies? Is it still…

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