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Manufacturer / Dealer: ICAM

Model: Guardian

104-mainThe new Guardian has been designed specifically to meet the complex book handling requirements of the modern archive. With both microfilm and digital camera heads available, the Guardian can be used purely as a high quality, archive microfilm camera or as a full colour document scanner. In addition a dual microfilm/digital head is available so that you can create a microfilm and a digital copy of a document by handling the document only once.

The Guardian has a modular design so that you can order it to meet your specific library/archive requirements. It also allows for future changes to your requirements by allowing different heads/bases to be interchanged simply and easily.

Bases (Book handling systems)
The Guardian has a wide range of book handling systems including stand alone units for photographic, microfilm or digital capture. Various sizes are available for the careful support at 90° of a small delicate volume up to broadsheet newspaper format. Models are available than can be rotated for optimum lighting, filming may be above or below glass with a fixed focal plane. A book shuttle is standard for convenient capture of individual pages. The book cradles can be fitted to existing camera systems or a complete stand alone unit with variable height column and high frequency fluorescent lighting supplied.

Camera Heads (Microfilm & Digital)
Microfilm – Compact 16mm and 35mm. Simple operation with finder light, adjustable shutter speed, frame spacing and masking. 360° image rotation on both board and book cradle to ensure correct lighting and alignment of originals. Optional “through the lens” video system.

Digital – The Guardian uses the Phase One range of digital cameras. Models are available from a capture speed of one frame every 1.5 seconds to a resolution of 10,500 x 12,600 pixels. Maximum uninterpolated file sizes are from 18 to 380 MB. Speed ratings (ISO) are from 50 to 1600 48 bit internal data path coupled with a 14 bit A/D converter gives perfect colour fidelity. Software supplied includes calibration and capture with output direct to image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop if required. Colour management is carried our pre- production with colour correction to monitor and output printer. Multiple platform (Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT and MAC) operating system is standard.

Lighting – High frequency fluorescent lighting is used to be applicable for both digital and microfilm capture. The light arms are adjustable to allow for the illumination of deep book valleys. Built in shutters protect delicate documents between captures, whilst maintaining stable light conditions. The flicker-free diffused lights are operator friendly for long filming tasks. Also available are UV fluorescent light units for the capture, using digital techniques, of “hidden” information from manuscripts.


Comments: The Icam Guardian is the result of many years experience in the Library and Archives industry. The Guardian is considered as the connoisseurs choice for Book and Delicate Document Scanning and Microfilming.

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