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Manufacturer / Dealer: Agfa

Model: FP505 Processor

343-mainThe old Agfa FP500 “work horse” processor was replaced in 2007 by the FP505. Not made by Agfa any more, the manufacturing license has been sold on. The basic unit remains very similar but there have been a number of subtle improvements.

Product features of New Film Processor FP 505;

State of the art technical design meets with RoHS safety standards.

Machine body and covers are made of stainless steel and chemical resistant

Digital user terminal with keypad for improved communication between operator and machine. This includes start/stop mode, speed and temperature controls.

Water stop function: water consumption only during film transport. Water consumption 3.0l/min. Consumption proportional to film volume and transport speed.

Separate heating system for the fixer bath available as an option. This function guaranties best fixing results and processing quality for long term archiving. In addition this offers the benefit of running the water jacket at a lower temperature.

Shorter warm up time, reduced from 30min to 15min.

Energy saving measures include:-

Only switching on the dryer heater when film is being processed.

Water consumption starts only after warm up and only when film is being processed, this function also helps to save natural resources.

Acoustic signal on film run-out or film end to assist the operator.

Electronically controlled film take-up with option for film winding with the film emulsion in or out.

Thermostat to protect against over heating of the liquid tanks.

Improved protection against fluids entering dry inner of the machine.

Improved service handling by the use of fewer individual components.

Power supply with option for 110V – 120V and 220V – 240V

Fulfils all national and international safety certificates e.g. : CE, UL, TÜV-GS


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