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Manufacturer / Dealer: The Microfilm Shop

Model: TD


198-mainThis is an ideal, middle of the range product for hard working microfilm departments. It combines all the qualities of a large, expensive densitometer with reasonable cost and compactness. This has been achieved by using the latest electronic technology.

Each densitometer is calibrated during manufacture and is supplied with its own unique calibration strip. This means that the machine can be re-calibrated quickly at any time, to ensure constant quality standards.

smart, accurate and compact densitometer built for constant use

RANGE: 0 – 2.0



DISPLAY: Digital indicators

DIMENSIONS: 140mm (5.5″)H x 115mm (4.5″)W x 190mm (7.5″)D

WEIGHT: 1.2kg (2.6lb)

POWER: Mains

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