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Manufacturer / Dealer: The Microfilm Shop

Model: AV11 & AV11COM

The AV11 is manufactured from durable high grade ABS plastic to ensure a robust tool suitable for everyday use in a working environment.

Integral light source
The AV11 is lit using a battery powered bulb to ensure that the information can be clearly read no matter what lighting conditions. The AV11 can also be used with ambient light, should the need arise, simply by pointing the top of the unit towards a light source.

High quality lens
The AV11 lens provides 20x magnification suitable for most viewing requirements, plus a 42x version (AV11COM) is also available for COM fiche.

Fiche holding clamp
The AV11 Clamp enables the fiche to be held in place, freeing hands to continue the job or for note taking. The Clamp will hold the fiche in place until released which ensures time is not wasted by continually realigning the fiche to the same point.

Suitable for all fiche related media
The AV11 will enable fiche, film or jackets containing film to be viewed with equal ease and clarity.

Compact and lightweight design
The AV11 is a personal tool and as such is designed with portability in mind. It will comfortably fit into any briefcase or service case, and is supplied with a high quality container of its own.

Horizontal graticule
Having aligned the required information in the AV11 the graticule ensures that it remains underlined while the job is being completed.

Height: 192mm (7.5″)
Width: 32mm (1.25″)
Depth: 70mm (3″)
Weight:150gms 7oz


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