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In 2005, banker Stephen Harr noted that the only guarantee against sky-high prices for ED drugs was pharmaceutical companies’ goodwill and their desire to avoid scandal. This method still works, at least in the United Kingdom, where scandal often forces the manufacturer to think again and reduce the price. An alternative to expensive drugs is to purchase ED generics, which are available on many sites that sell medical products.

Pharmacy Republic (Rating: 4.4) | 104 Edward St, Nuneaton CV11 5RE, United Kingdom | +16017984761

Yesterday was feeling bad when I went to go pick up my prescriptions. I accidentally got in the wrong lane for pickup. I’ve never been to Pharmacy Republic pharmacy before besides the drop-off. There were 3 cars in the other lane, and I had waited for a while already. The girl at the pharmacy window literally yelled, “NO!!” When I asked would she mind serving me there just once. Even if she wasn’t able to, I do not tolerate anyone anywhere snapping at me. I will never go back to that pharmacy again. And I would not recommend it.

This store always has long wait times, but it’s getting ridiculous. Was told I had to wait a week to get an RX renewed for my insurance to cover. Ok. Went back a week later and was told I had to wait another week (by which time I would have run out of my RX.) Last week they were too busy to take an RX at the drive-up window. When I returned and handed it in and told them I would wait for it, I waited almost 2 hours and finally gave up and left without it.

Botterills Pharmacy (Rating: 3.6) | Botterills Pharmacy, 94 Queens Rd, Nuneaton CV11 5LE, United Kingdom | +44 24 7638 4837

First, I was panhandled in the parking lot, and then I was told to leave my purse at checkout (I was using a small backpack I had purchased at this Botterills Pharmacy the week before). I asked to meet with a manager. He wasn’t in. I left my name and number and never heard a thing back. Have not been in the store since.

This pharmacy is the best in the state by far. Personable employees, great attitudes, and excellent customer service alone earn them 5 stars. Add the fact that they deliver, and you’ve got the best pharmacy in NM.

ViaQX Pharmacy (Rating: 4.7) | 216-218 Tomkinson Rd, Nuneaton CV10 8BW, United Kingdom | +44 24 7632 8144

Between this Viaqx pharmacy and Silver Street Market Grocery store, there’s just no reason to go anyplace else. Located directly in the downtown district, it’s the best of city living. Very competent business. I am disabled, and still, I have never been inside this pharmacy before because I have no need to. If I ever need anything, they are there like family! Won’t go anywhere else.

Don’t get scripts at the drive-through. People invariably sit in the drive-through pharmacy pickup to wait. For. Their. Entire. Prescription. Fill. …and by the time you realize you’re behind one of *them*, you’ve got at least one car behind you, and you’re stuck. I spent forty minutes just waiting to get to the window, once. Prevented me from becoming a mass murderer by imagining an attacking ravenous zombie horde and tripping the people in front of me to save my own skin. Otherwise, a pretty decent place. Well-stocked, well-lit parking lot, and typically friendly staff. Just don’t get trapped in the pharmacy drive-through.

Alphega Pharmacy (Rating: 5.0) | 10-12 Manor Ct Rd, Nuneaton CV11 5HY, United Kingdom | +44 24 7638 2479

Want to give special thanks to Leo for going above and beyond to get my script filled. He and all the staff at Alphega Pharmacy are awsome. 5 stars. Check them out!

Horrible Service. The pharmacy service is really slow. The pharmacy is always understaffed & it takes them 5 days to fill a prescription. They can’t fill simple Rx but are providing CHIEFS tix flu shots. Need new management! They should just Shut this Pharmacy down!

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